Who we are.

My name is Sergio La Bruna and I’ve been working for almost twenty years in real estate.
I worked in prestigious and professional real estate agencies developing a significant experience on the territory of Monza and Brianza, Milan and Bergamo.

I know  residential, office, retail  and industrial properties.


With LB real estate I have the opportunity to develop a working method that looks at the world of Real Estate consultancy in a different perspective  from that commonly used in the italian intermediation sector. I refer to those customers who are going to rent, find or buy a property and want a consultant able to provide a trading strategy in line with their own expectations and desires.

I believe that today's customers in real estate not want only professionalism and concrete results but also to have a personalized  service more attentive to their needs.

That's why we are “beyond real estate, towards people”.

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